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Ben Moor Foot Peat Railway 'O' Scale Narrow Gauge.


Exhibtion layout 2014.

 Deciding that I wanted another narrow gauge layout, and 009 was a bit too much like hard work, I have chosen O gauge narrow gauge, 16.5. The name of the layout - my son's name is Ben so not difficult to work out.


 The base of the layout is made of 2. 48''x18''x2'' insulation foam sheets, with 5ply on sides and 2x1 timber on the ends. Four foot legs are hinged from the end braces and fold up under to form a self contained unit for ease of transport.

The upper structure is made with 3-ply. Center viewing area is

5ft W x14ins D x 12ins H.

Back scene is from Gaugemaster and covers all the front and sides.

The foam has rough textured wall paper glued on, then painted with matt emulsion. End sections contain sector plates and electrical equipment.



Good illumination (which is essential

for an exhibition layout) is provided by 12v LED strips attached to a length of plastic waste pipe. Durable and light weight.

Points are thrown using modified levers and brass wire in a tube, operated from behind the backscene.

Card mock-up of buildings.



The almost complete buildings, just need a bit more weathering and loads of clutter around. Track and peat covered ground done.


Peat prossesing plant on left.

                              Workshops on right.


Packing shed                                                                               Workshop

Railway Modeller Oct 2015

The real thing Ireland 2016

Exhibition details 

 Ben Moor Foot Peat Railway


The Ben Moor Foot Peat Company would have been situated in North Lincolnshire, somewhere in the Hatfield Moor region circa 1990.


The peat is harvested on the moor, being cut, dried and milled out on site.

Once dried the peat is transported to the works for processing into bags or bales, or stored in heaps for future processing.


The preferred form of transport is a narrow gauge railway due to the soft boggy ground, which makes the use of wheeled vehicles almost impossible. The loaded tubs are pulled along the tracks, which can be easily moved as the loading point changes around the moor.


The loaded tubs are brought off the moor and marshalled into the packing sheds, then the empty tubs are pushed back out onto the moor.


The gauge is 2ft, locomotives where purchased second hand and modified or rebuilt, all powered with diesel engines. Wagons where made on site in the company workshop.


Track is Peco '00' code 100, Loco's are built using 'OO' or 'HO' chassis with kit bodies. Rolling stock is scratch built. Control is by DC system.


Pictures and more details visit



The Layout.


Scale. 7mm, gauge 16.5.   Era.  1990's

Size.  baseboard 8ft x 2ft, viewing area 8ft from front.

Total space inc. operating area,  10ft x  8ft.

Valuation for insurance: £500.00

Power requirement:  one 220v 13amp socket, plus tea coffee and sandwiches.

Transport: In own car. From in North Lincolnshire.

Operators:  Three.  one chair and one small table.


Alex Loadman. 07873767804


Jan 2019.

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