Caroline Concrete Works

A new venture, just getting withdrawal symptoms from not building a layout. I enjoyed building and operating Ben Moor Foot Peat works so another industrial 7 mm narrow gauge based on a concrete works. Standard gauge siding for deliveries and transporting products out. Narrow gauge within the works for moving materials and finished products within the works.

Tarmac Tallington and works at Workington.

Base boards made using 9mm Beech Ply, Each board 4ft x 2ft. All glued no screws or nails. 9/2017

Track laid using Peco code 100, and medium radius points. Start made on representing concrete laid between tracks and in the yard. Plaster of Paris used, small batches made as it starts to set in 12 mins. Need to wait at least 24 hrs before adding adjacent plaster sections and cutting flange ways in track.

Loco's made using an Hornby OO. 03,  Bachman HO. 70 ton chassis and a Mashima power bogie. Bodies are A1 etched brass kits. Wagons scratch built using bogies from HO wagons all fitted with Kadee couplings 10/17.

1st building and overhead cranes almost complete. 24/10/17

 Well that's about done now, but will always be tweaking things a bit.  

For shunting the layout a Random Number Generator was purchased ( pack of playing cards ). With nine sidings, cards from one to nine are used plus the jokers. Shuffle pack, first card turned is which siding a wagon is taken from, second is which it is to be taken to. If two numbers the same turned then two wagons to be moved. If a joker is turned, the loco being used is changed for refueling. Blue squares on plan indicate uncoupling magnet locations.

Layout details for exhibitions.

Scale.  7mm narrow gauge.  Era. 1990-2000

Layout size.  8ft x 2ft baseboard, total area required 10ft x 6ft

Viewing area, 8ft from the front. Insurance value. £600.00

Power requirements. One 220v 13amp socket + tea and coffee.

Operators.   Two.  One small table required.

Transport  in own car from South Lincolnshire.




Mobile 07802688821

Best in Show  Stamford 2018

© 2014 Graham Morfoot.

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